Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just getting started

So this is going to be fun.  Or so I hope.  I am learning so much every day and wanted a place to show it to every one.  I have a Great friend, Betty Weaver, who is my partner in crime when it comes to scrapping.  I hope if you are following me you well please understand that I am also new to blogging.  Please be kind as my kids are a little more tech savvy then I am and sure let me know about it all the time.   In March of 09 Betty had bought a cook book set and ask if I wanted to do one with her.  I was like "Well that's like somethings little kids do cutting and gluing paper and I don't think I want to do that".  I was very wrong  I loved it.  I started out with a little bag she helped me gather up (some scissors, bone folder, and a small tape runner).  Now in just 3 short years OMG I have a full room.  Still not as much and Betty but well that's just because I get to go and use her stuff and she has a full room also lol.  I now work at a scrapbook store and spend most if not all of my free time scrapbooking of some kind.  I have taught a few classes and have picked my own favorite papers as do most scrappers.  I look back now and think how I didn't take very many pictures of my four kids and how I really wish I had. So I snag on to every one I get these days from all my family.  I really want this to be a place for you to learn and share. I hope everyone that follows us will share their thoughts and felling with us.  If there is any thing I or Betty can help you with just let us know you can also email me at .  It has been a fun and exiting adventure so far and I would not want anyone other than the person who got me into this to come along with me.  We have done some books under the name of BaD Scrapping, and before you say why BaD, Betty and Denice.  We thought it was cute. Well thank you for stopping by and hope you follow us on this journey.
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